E-Learning on Prevention in Hand - CFPC Mainpro+ Module

January 16, 2018

Update:  April 2019, The CFPC's Website Prevention in Hand and accredited e-learning modules are not longer active.  Please check back for updates on e-learning modules. Upcoming CHEP+ workshops are listed here.


C-CHANGE now has an e-learning module online - "Sodium, Lifestyle and Hypertension" available on the College of Family Physician of Canada's Prevention In Hand website.  First of it's kind on the CFPC's e-learning page, the interactive and Mainpro+ certified module focuses on C-CHANGE's sodium, lifestyle recommendations. 


The Prevention in Hand (PiH) website provides various e-learning modules, with interactive content related to the prevention of chronic diseases. This e-learning tool offers CFPC members or non-member Mainpro+ participants a simple and effective way to learn about many important health issues and up to date clinical guidelines related to various chronic conditions.


Sodium, Lifestyle and Hypertension E-Module is available now.  Visit, Prevention in Hand





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