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The Canadian Cardiovascular Harmonized National Guideline Endeavour (C-CHANGE) is a nationally endorsed guideline process that targets primary health care practitioners. C-CHANGE is a composite of nine of Canada’s cardiovascular-focused clinical practice guidelines chosen to meet primary care needs, including managing patients with multiple co-morbidities. These guidelines have been part of Canada’s robust and successful cardiovascular guideline efforts since 2011​.
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CHEP+ is C-CHANGE's Education Program. The mission of CHEP+ is to improve health care quality and patient safety. This is done with enhanced professional development, and health consumer education.

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CHEP+ logo: C-Change Educaton Program

What's New in Continuing Professional Development

CHEP+ logo: C-Change Educaton Program


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CHEP+ (C-CHANGE Education Program) Conference

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Toronto - Location TBA

We are pleased to host the second annual “Circulate C-CHANGE” Conference. This interactive and practical program is designed for family physicians, specialists, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and other primary care practitioners with an interest in cardiovascular disease prevention and management. 

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